Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody is one of the most stressful and difficult practice areas of family law because of the depth and intensity of the emotions that parents have for their child or children. Every moment that a child is out of a parent’s sight and custody is an eternity to most parents. Concerns about parenting are one of the top issues that divorcing couples bring to our doors. Parents worry about everything from what schools their child will attend to what extra-curricular activities they will be participate in. The divorce attorney at The McGowan Law Firm work closely with our client and, whenever possible, the non-custodial parent to create the best possible situation for the minor children.

Georgia judges try very hard to make good decisions in custody cases and are fair-minded when it comes to disputes, custody, support, and visitation. Our judges will always promote the best interest of the child and his or her welfare above the desires of his or her parents.

Who Gets Custody?

Child custody is determined upon several factors, but with the end result of the children going through as little change and upheaval as possible. Custody is generally awarded to the parent who can provide the most stable environment for the minor children. The judges in the Atlanta area look at these things:

  • Which of the parents provided the most care and/or nurture of the child prior to the “event”?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the parents?
  • What are the work schedules of the parents?
  • Have there been incidents of physical or mental abuse?
  • What is the physical and mental health of the parent seeking custodial rights?
  • Are there other siblings and where do they live?
  • The child’s preference

Modification of Custody

Sometimes an individual’s circumstance will change and a modification to the original court order is appropriate. Scenarios may include a change in income, job opportunity, and suspicion of neglect or harm. Many of our clients come to us seeking a change in custody or child support orders based off a change of circumstance. We will work with you to either mediate the order prior to going through the courts or create an order that will pass a fairness test on the part of a judge. In the case of an emergency order, we work quickly to put together all of the necessary information and paperwork to get your custody dispute heard quickly by the courts.

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We stand with you and your family through your child custody dispute. Your child’s welfare and happiness is our chief concern. We promise to be ethical, honorable, and understanding to the needs of you and your minor children. No corners will be cut, no detail spared from consideration. It is our goal to ensure that the children of any relationship have a bright, happy, and healthy future.

If you are going through a divorce that involves the custody of minor children or have already gone through a divorce and require a change in orders, please contact us today. We can help.