There are a wide variety of reasons why you may need an Atlanta parental rights attorney: proving paternity, negotiating child visitation, modifying child support, divorce. Whatever reason you have for seeking out an Atlanta paternity attorney, The McGowan Law Firm is prepared to represent you.

In many cases, we help fathers assert their rights to participate in their child’s life. In other cases, we help our clients prove they are not the father of the child in question. Regardless of the type of legal challenges you face, you can call the Georgia paternity attorney at The McGowan Law Firm.

We can help you submit a paternity petition with the court and assist throughout the necessary legal procedures. We answer your questions, inform you about the process and represent your best interests throughout the process.

If you are in a position in which you must assert your rights as a father, you should not do this alone. If you are unmarried when you have a child, the sooner you legally establish paternity the better. You will be unable to protect your rights as a father without this legal status. More importantly, once the court establishes parentage, the child will have rights such as:

  • Child support from both parents
  • Medical and life insurance from the parents
  • Social security and veteran’s benefits
  • Inheritance rights
  • Access to family medical history

Regardless of your relationship with the mother today, it is important to get a court order to establish that you are the father. Many fathers are forced to fight to see their children because the mother moved away or relocated without giving the father any notice. Once you legally establish paternity, your child’s mother cannot move away without your consent. This is just one of many examples of the importance of establishing paternity. Furthermore by establishing a set visitation/custody arrangement, both parents will know exactly where they stand and this may help you avoid problems in the future.